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Available Colors

Sélection des couleurs classiques (Add US$ 10.00 to the cost of the case)

Brandy noir

Brandy bleu

Brandy brun

Brandy cr?me

Brandy vert

Brandy rouge

Brandy marron clair

Marron fonc


Bleu marine

Brun Nubuck

Chaud Rouge

Collection Sonora (Add US$ 16.00 to the cost of the case)


Vieux chocolat

Nouvelle Collection Tamponato de Bellagio
Végétal Naturel Foncé
(Add US$ 20.00 to the cost of the case)





Choisissez une personnalisation (Add US$ 25.00 to the cost of the case)
Note: Cell Phone Style Case Embossing only available in the back (Treo 600, Sony Ericsson, etc)

For special orders, choose Color and your clip preference. You will
then be directed to our Special Order Page by pressing the Orange Button


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