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PSA Buyers Guide

Bellagio Leather Cases for many PDAs
Now that PDAs are becoming ubiquitous, the PDA case marketplace is booming with quality products that are reasonably priced. Bellagio's cases look more expensive than they are, and they give your PDA a touch of class while protecting it from day to day bumps... [ more ]

Axim Site

... Using the Cases with my Axim
When I recieved both of these cases the first thing I noticed upon opening the small boxes was how nice they looked. They are very professional looking. I recieved the Flip Style in Black and the Book Style in Brown. These cases are very sleek looking with a nice ... [ more ]

Envy News

Bellagio Axim X5 Flip Style Case
...Take the Bellagio Dell Axim Flip-Style for example - it has a feature whereby you can cradle the Dell Axim X5 WHILE the PDA is in the case! Combine this with stellar leather stitching, a gorgeous Nubuck brown leather and suede leather case, and its magnetic closure, and...[ more ]

PDA Street

Bellagio Case Reviewed
Just received Bellagio case today (1 day after ordering itn no doubt due to my close proximity to the company headquaters). I am very impressed with this case and it far exceeds my expectations. This is for the Flip Style Case. The unit slides into the case and hooks on to the case using 2 tiny protruding plastic pieces the hook onto the universal...[ more ]

Tungsten T Slipper Case by Bellagio
...I have tried and tossed away several cases, some generic and some 'designed' for the TT. None have been perfect and I was forced to work with one that was the least offensive, eagerly waiting for the PDA case makers to come to the rescue... [ more ]

Bellagio Leather Case: iPaq 22xx
Bellagio has design a case that allows you to do this very thing. With Bellagio Designs iPaq 2200 leather flip case you are able to do any and all functions that you can think of without ever removing the device...[ more ]

Bellagio leather case
The Bellagio Axim case looks and feels every bit as good as many cases twice its price. The attention to detail is of a very high standard, as is the specification. If I had but one criticism it would be that I would have liked to see leather... [ more ]

Bellagio Lateral Pouch Case by Bellagio
Unlike many other pouch cases, the Bellagio Lateral Pouch case has a removable swivel belt-clip, so the case rotates freely to match your hip's position... [ more ]


Bellagio CLIÉ NX leather case
I reviewed the slipper model, and prefer it because you can HotSync in the cradle while the CLIÉ is in the case. You can purchase models with and without a swivel clip for carrying on your belt, and I tested the... [ more ]

PDA News

Magnetic Slipper Case by Bellagio Designs
Well, the folks at Bellagio must have been mind readers because that is exactly what they have come up with! Their slipper case with magnetic snap is one of the most thought-out case designs that I have seen or read about... [ more ]


Bellagio Tungsten T2/T3 Carrying Cases
When you make such a big investment into a PDA, the last thing you want is to see it break or crack because it was dropped onto a hard surface. In this review, we're going to take a look at interesting leather two cases for the Palm-based Tungsten... [ more ]


Bellagio Designs Cases
Want to wrap your Blackberry, iPod, Treo, or other pricey handheld in something more elegant than pleather? Bellagio Designs makes device-specific cases out of real Italian leather that fit like... [ more ]


Bellagio h2200 series Flip Style PDA Case
The case is definitely leather and offers one unique feature that allows the iPAQ to be synced while in the case which is one of my major gripes with other case manufacturers who refuse to create cases with this option.... [ more ]

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